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Tax Advisory

In a fast-paced global economy with ever-tightening regulations, we believe careful and sound tax planning is key for business success and on a personal level, for the preservation of wealth.

We also recognise that a number of our clients are involved in cross-border transactions and it is essential that any tax planning takes into consideration potential tax aspects. We therefore work closely with an international network of tax lawyers and practitioners to offer optimal and long-term tax compliant solutions that will benefit our clients and/or their businesses.

Our services are as follows:

Business Tax
  • Business set-up in Mauritius: A new business venture is as exciting as it is challenging. We assist you with all aspects of tax planning so that you can focus on setting up the business. Our assistance includes:
  • Tax guidance on the type of vehicle to use;
  •  The tax benefits and potential hazards pertaining to your business model as well as potential measures to safeguard against potential future tax issues. This includes setting out any benefits under double tax treaties for international transactions and any relevant information for tax residency
  •  Underlining the tax impact of the running of the business such as the tax advantages available in the industry you have chosen, the tax consequences, if any, of purchasing plant and machinery for both income tax and VAT, tax effective remuneration of staff and commenting on any Tax Deduction at Source (“TDS”) applicable or that may impact cash flow.
  • Assistance with registration for income tax, VAT and as an employer.
  • Business acquisition in Mauritius: In addition to the services offered above, we also offer a tax review of the business to be acquired ranging from a review of the tax compliance history for income tax, VAT and employment tax purposes. We strive to highlight any potential tax issues so that you are assured that necessary tax warranties and indemnities are in place prior to acquisition. We also advise on the tax impact of various funding options regarding purchase.
  • Business disposal: Whether the disposal of a business is through a transfer or by winding-up, our team can assist you. We can advise on the tax steps for the sale of a business or part of a business – for example, whether you have an obligation to charge VAT. We also advise on the transfer of a business through an overseas re-domiciliation. If you are terminating a business, whether through a liquidation or a winding-up, we can assist you in obtaining a “No Objections” certificate from the Mauritius Revenue Authority.
  • Cross border deals: We work in conjunction with international law firms and accountants on international deals by advising on the Mauritian tax aspects.

Tax Litigation

We understand that an enquiry by or dispute with the MRA can be stressful and time-consuming for our clients. We also respect the MRA’s rights and in our experience, the cooperative approach often yields most success for all parties.

Our assistance ranges from liaising with the MRA directly in respect of information request to attending meetings with or without our clients to explain technical or factual matters. As part of our work, we will review any relevant tax issues and address any concerns with our clients.

We also help clients who have irregularities in their tax affairs and wish to come forward voluntarily to redress their tax affairs.  We advise on the best means of approaching the MRA including the availability of entering voluntary tax disclosure schemes. At present the MRA offers the following schemes:

  • Voluntary Disclosure Scheme for Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Voluntary Disclosure Incentive Scheme

If a dispute with the MRA cannot be resolved satisfactorily, we can assist you with the Expeditious Dispute Resolution Tax Scheme.  We also offer assistance, including representation, under the Alternative Tax Dispute Resolution process.

Our services to clients at the Assessment Review Committee (“ARC”) stage ranges from drafting the statement of case to assisting legal counsel during the case hearing at ARC.


Summary of tax litigation services

  • Representing clients during tax audits and tax assessments by the MRA from the initial enquiry stage to discussions with the Objection, Appeals and Dispute Resolution department of the MRA.
  • Assisting clients with voluntary disclosures under tax schemes.
  • Preparation of information and representation under the Alternative Tax Dispute Resolution process.
  • Calculating settlement proposals, advising clients on options and negotiating with the MRA for an optimal outcome.
  • Preparation of a Statement of Case for the Assessment Review Committee.
  • Assisting legal counsel on representations at the Assessment Review Committee.

Tax Compliance


The Mauritian tax system has changed significantly for both domestic and other types of companies licensed by the Financial Services Commission with the introduction of the partial exemption regime and amendments to the tax residency rules. These changes have also had an impact on the personal tax side. With the rise in audits conducted by the MRA, it is increasingly important that your tax compliance is accurate.

Our tax compliance services balances excellence and efficiency with costs.

Our services are:

General Compliance Tax
  • New company registration – application of Tax Account Number, VAT and PAYE registrations.
  • Individual TAN application.
  • Application for Tax Residence Certificate with the MRA.
  • Application of Declaration of Non-Residence for trusts.
  • Classification and reporting for Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act and Common Reporting Standard. We undertake our xml reporting such that our costs for filing FATCA and CRS reports are highly competitive.